Septic Tank Pumping in Dacula, GA

Septic Tank Pumping in Dacula, GA

The septic system is a vital part of your Dacula property and it is important for homeowners to have a solid understanding of how everything works and how to provide proper maintenance to extend the longevity of the septic system. Part of maintaining a home with a septic system includes understanding the importance of regular septic tank pumping and when to schedule septic tank pumping. A septic tank can last for decades when properly maintained and working with a highly skilled team of professionals can help support the lifespan of your home’s septic system. The team of technicians at Septic Masters, LLC, is here to help with 24/7 contact and availability for both routine and emergency septic system services. Learn a bit more about the basics of living in a home with a septic system so you know how to keep your septic system functioning well and also when it’s time to call in the professionals.

What a Septic Tank Does

A septic system is comprised of two main parts, the septic tank and the drain field. All the wastewater that leaves the home through the sinks, drains, toilets, tubs, and appliances ends up in the septic tank. That means all the liquid and solid human waste, any food waste, and water from bathing and washing clothes goes into this tank. The septic tank is designed to hold thousands of gallons of wastewater, but after a period of time, it does fill up and require septic tank pumping.

When wastewater flows from the home and into the septic tank, the solid waste sinks to the bottom while the liquid wastewater floats at the top. The septic tank has a complex series of bacteria inside that properly treats this water so that it can flow out of the tank and into the drain field. The drain field is a series of perforated pipes off of the septic tank where water is returned back to the soil. Located underground, the surrounding soil will continue to treat the water and allow it to soak back into the surrounding area.

How Septic Tank Pumping Works

When you schedule septic tank pumping, a team of trained technicians will arrive with a tanker truck that is specifically designed to safely transport waste. The truck comes with a large hose that is affixed to an opening to the septic tank in the ground. Once attached, the hose will pump out all of the wastewater from the septic tank, including all the solid waste that has built up over time. Once the septic tank has been properly pumped and cleaned out, the technician can perform a routine inspection and determine whether any maintenance is necessary.

Regularly scheduled septic tank pumping helps prevent overflows or backups due to a full septic tank. Over time, the solid waste can build up so much that it makes it difficult for the bacteria to properly treat liquid wastewater before it passes through to the drain field. Our team at Septic Masters, LLC, can talk with you about when to schedule regular septic tank pumping and maintenance based on the size of the septic tank as well as the number of people regularly in the home.

Emergency septic tank pumping may be needed and Septic Masters, LLC, is available 24/7 every day of the year to assist with any emergencies. You may notice the sinks and tubs are slower to drain or the wastewater is even backing up. If you smell foul odors near the drains then this may also be a sign of a backup. Pooling water and foul odors outside the home above where the septic tank and drain field are located may also be a sign of a septic system emergency. When you suspect an emergency, the team at Septic Masters, LLC, will send out a technician and likely perform septic tank pumping. An emergency septic tank pumping may also be needed if you are unsure when the last time the tank has been pumped because there may be a buildup of waste inside the system.

Why Septic Tank Pumping Is Important

It is important to schedule regular septic tank pumping to take good care of your septic system. Septic tank pumping involves a thorough cleaning and inspection, which is a time when professionals can assess how well the septic system is functioning and complete any necessary maintenance or septic system repairs. In order to extend the lifespan of the septic system, you should schedule regular septic tank pumping and maintenance and call whenever you suspect a septic emergency. Planning for regular septic tank pumping is like performing routine maintenance on your car: it’s a necessary part of taking care of something that keeps you running and costs less to maintain than to fix a serious issue.

Tips for Supporting a Well-Functioning Septic System

In addition to scheduling regular septic tank pumping and maintenance, there are other things you can do to support a well-functioning septic system. The septic tank is designed to only hold and process so much wastewater at a time, so it is important to pay attention to how much water you use, especially all at once. If you take a shower, run the dishwasher, and toss a load of laundry into the washer all at once, you risk overloading the septic tank with a high volume of wastewater at once. When too much enters the septic tank at once, it can lead to the wastewater getting pushed through to the drain field and not getting properly treated. Overloading the septic tank when it already has a large buildup of solids can also lead to backups or overflows.

Only flush toilet paper down the toilet. This is the only safe product that should go down the drain, including items like wipes that are marketed as septic safe. Paper towels and wipes are made of thicker material and can get stuck in the pipes and cause clogs or blockages. Plus, these items also contribute to the buildup of solid waste in the septic tank and can cause you to need septic tank pumping sooner than planned. Additionally, the bacteria in the septic tank are designed to process human waste only, so you should never flush pet waste or items like cat litter. Pet waste and cat litter can disrupt and even kill off the helpful bacteria in the septic tank and cause the wastewater to not get properly treated.

Dealing with a Septic System Emergency

When you have a septic system emergency, it is best to call in the professionals for help. Whether you suspect a clog, have noticed a backup, or see pooling water in the yard that is a sign of an overflow, you want professionals who can safely and effectively handle the issue. Call in the professionals at Septic Masters, LLC, no matter what time of day – even on weekends and holidays. Our team of technicians is prepared to handle any type of septic system emergency properly and safely. For septic tank pumping and services in Dacula, GA, call Septic Masters, LLC, to schedule regular septic tank pumping as well as any emergency septic tank pumping needs you might have.