Do You Have a Hole or Crack in Your Septic Tank? Here’s What You Can Do!

Think You Have a Hole or Crack in Your Septic Tank Here’s What You Need to Do

Septic tanks are constructed with materials to make them last, but it is possible for a septic tank to crack due to various plumbing problems or environmental pressures. If you believe your septic tank has a crack or hole, then you want to schedule an inspection and septic tank repair as soon as possible. If caught early on, it is possible to repair a septic tank hole or crack easily, but if not, it can lead to more serious concerns down the line for your entire septic system.

Call in the Septic System Experts

Any time you suspect something is wrong it is worth calling in the septic system experts to investigate. Being proactive about potential septic system problems can help you avoid costly repairs and replacements in the future. Septic system specialists can provide thorough inspections of your septic system, septic tank pumping in Atlanta GA, and other quality maintenance to help keep the entire system running smoothly. They are also highly trained and certified in identifying septic system issues that may require septic tank repair.

Understand the Causes of Septic Tank Holes or Cracks

It is possible for a variety of environmental factors to affect the structural integrity of a septic tank over time. Because septic tanks are housed underground, they are susceptible to underground conditions like the natural, gradual shifting that occurs, nearby tree roots, or seasonal changes like freezing and thawing that could eventually lead to cracks. It is also possible for a septic tank to develop a hole or crack due to some type of plumbing problem like damage to one of the pipes leading into or out of the septic tank.

Know Why a Damaged Septic Tank Matters

Many septic tank issues are not visible above ground, so it is important to schedule regular inspections and maintenance in order to avoid costly septic tank repairs. The sooner your septic tank specialists are able to identify a problem, the sooner they can address the issue. A damaged septic tank can lead to leaks and contamination problems both in and outside the home.


When a septic tank has a crack or hole, it is possible for there to be a leak both going into and out of the septic tank. That means the raw sewage that is inside the septic tank may be able to leak out into the surrounding area in your yard. It also means that environmental particles like dirt, rocks, and tree roots can make their way inside the septic tank. If the crack or hole is small enough it may be easily repaired to help avoid future leaks. However, if the leak is large enough it may require septic tank repair or even replacement.


In the event of a septic tank leak, you run the risk of soil contamination and potential health hazards in and around the home. If raw sewage is able to leak out of the septic tank, it can contaminate the nearby soil in your backyard, make its way to the surface of your yard, or even back up into the home. Raw sewage may also leak out into nearby groundwater or marine water, which can infect people and animals alike with dangerous pollutants and biohazards. Any time raw sewage is not properly treated by the septic tank it can be a danger to your health and the health of others nearby.

Look for Signs of a Septic System Problem

Here are a few warning signs that your septic tank may be in need of repair:

• Strong, unpleasant odor inside the home or in the yard
• Standing water in the yard, especially near the septic tank or drain field
• Sinks or bathtubs are slower to drain than usual
• Sewage backups in the toilets or sinks

How Septic Masters, LLC Can Help

If you suspect an issue with your septic system, it’s time to call in the septic system specialists at Septic Masters, LLC. The first thing they will likely do is a septic tank pumping in order to clean out the septic tank and look for any cracks or holes. A clean, empty tank still requires specific processes for septic tank repairs to be carried out by certified professionals due to the dangerous, toxic gases inside. If you notice any signs of a septic system problem, then call Septic Masters, LLC, day or night for emergency assistance and septic tank repairs.

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