4 Signs You Need to Get Your Drain Field Checked Out

4 Signs You Need to Get Your Drain Field Checked Out

The drain field is the final part of your septic system. It’s where wastewater exits the septic tank and is filtered by the soil in the field before being absorbed into the ground water. While drain fields typically last for 20 years or more, it’s very possible that they will at some point fail. When that occurs, your only option is to have a septic system expert come and create a new drain field if drain field repair isn’t an option. Fortunately, once you have a second drain field, you never need to create a third. Instead, by the time the second one fails, the first will have recovered and can be used again. If you’ve never had a drain field fail on you, you may not know what to look for. Here are some signs that you need to have us come check your drain field and perform septic system repair.

Your Drains are Moving Slowly

If your sinks, tubs, toilets, and showers aren’t draining as quickly as they should be, it can be a sign of a number of problems. While it could be a clog or a sign that your septic tank is full, it can also mean that your drain field has been compromised. The pipes that feed into the drain field could be clogged. This means that it’s taking much longer for the water from your home to flow from the tank into the field. That makes the entire system backup a bit, resulting in slower drains. Fortunately, as long as the pipes aren’t fully blocked, your septic system will still function. However, eventually the pipes may block up completely, or some of them may break. This can lead to the tank filling up completely. When that happens, all of your drains will back up and cease working.

You See Water Standing on the Drain Field When it Hasn’t Rained Recently

If you’ve noticed that there’s almost always water or damp soil in your drain field, it’s a good sign that at least one of the pipes has broken. This leads to more water entering the drain field than normal. The ground is likely to feel spongy, and you may even see standing water. As more and more water escapes into the drain field, the soil may no longer be able to absorb it all. This can also cause water to back up into the septic tank, filling it more quickly than usual.

You See Vibrant, Green Grass and other Vegetation Around the Drain Field

If the drain field is getting more water than usual, you may see that grass is growing much faster in the area. This grass may also have a more vibrant green color. That’s caused by the nutrients from the septic tank leaking into the ground. Basically, this growth is being fertilized by waste, which makes it grow faster and look different.

There’s a Bad Smell in the Air

If you have septic water leaking out into the drain field that’s not getting filtered by the soil, it’s going to lead to strange smells. You’ll easily be able to smell sewage around the area, especially if there’s any standing water. If you smell something, take the time to check the soil. A combination of wet soil, vibrant or fast-growing grass, and a sewage smell means it’s almost a certainty that something is wrong with your drain field.

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If you’ve noticed any of these signs that indicate a drain field problem, you need to have your septic system checked out. If you put it off, it could result in raw sewage backing up into your home. Call Septic Masters, LLC, today to schedule an appointment.

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